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If you want to work with us 👏

If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. If you’re also prepared for a great journey ahead, come work with Fabel X. We are also actively looking for our first “Chief Meme Officer”, but in the meantime these are some of our available positions and opportunities.

Open Positions

Marketing Specialist
Flutter dev
iOS dev
Blockchain dev
Product Owner
Ruby on Rails dev

If you just want to work with us but your role was not listed above, let us have a conversation and see what we can do together. You can easily reach us in the contact section or at [email protected].


Our Perks


Schedule Flexibility

We offer real freedom of choice with no 9-5 restrictions or any facades in between. As long as our milestones and targets are met, set up your own work schedule!


Work from Anywhere

As time passed, we’ve learned that our jobs can be performed from anywhere. So we cater to your needs! Whether it’s on site or remote, we are fine with your choice.


Career Growth

We value a sustainable team, with a growth mindset, so we’ve made it our purpose to grow together and cater to each individual team members needs. At Fabel, you’ll soon learn that we appreciate what’s real, therefore, transparency is a value we hold with great importance from both sides. That’s why we’re always open to our team members learning new professional skills, developing in their personal lives, or focusing on gaining business experience. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.



At Fabel X, we threw the traditional hierarchy out the window. We believe in speaking openly. We are all in this together, with one common goal, and we can all learn from each other to grow together. We’re human and we don’t bite.


Health, Mind & Body

We encourage people to do what they love both physically and cognitively and we support a healthy work-life balance. That means from gym memberships to painting lessons, we got you covered.

Want to join us?

So, if you like what you saw and are eager to work with us, drop us your CV and some other details. If you just want to get in touch with us you can do it here or at [email protected]. We are also looking forward to hearing from you so don’t be shy 😉
(p.s. If your speciality wasn't listed above we can still talk about some other opportunities).